Feeding your dog

November 18, 2021

Anyone who owns a dog knows that they're hardwired to eat some pretty disgusting things (cat feces, rubbish, dead animals), so it's hard to picture a dog not enjoying their super-premium, meat-first, top-dollar, fancy extra super dog chow at mealtimes, right?

Pickiness at mealtimes is a regular concern among pet parents, and it's a huge source of worry when it comes to shopping for dog food. If you've ever stood in a panic, staring down a row of dog food, unsure which bag to bring home to your dog next, this is for you.

It's critical to feed a meal that's well-balanced, nutrient-dense, and species-appropriate. But, after all, it doesn't matter what's in your dog's dish if he won't eat it, does it?

Dish toppers and gravies can help make a meal more appealing, but they can also add unneeded calories or introduce potential allergens for dogs who are allergic to particular ingredients if you're not careful. As a result, it's critical to pick a diet that is not only healthy, balanced, and appropriate for your dog, but also delicious.

Many people wonder why dogs need to eat dog-specific food, which may seem absurd to some. Why can't they just dine with their human companions? After all, aren't they all omnivores like us? There are several reasons why you should feed your dog a species-appropriate dog food