Puppy proofing your house

February 24, 2022

Hide Your Shoes! Puppy Proofing Tips for Your Home


Getting a new puppy is a very exciting time for all the family.  The unconditional love and pure entertainment they bring is priceless, not to mention the motivation to get us out and about for those much-needed walks.

Puppies are a full-time but very rewarding job. They’re naturally inquisitive and can get up to all sorts of mischief exploring their new surroundings.  They’re also part of the family and require just as much protection as we do.  With that in mind, we’ve put together six handy tips to help you puppy-proof your home for your new arrival.

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Beware of Toxic House Plants

Something we may not even consider is that lots of our household and outdoor plants can be highly toxic to our canine companions and should be kept well out of reach. If you have household plants make sure to do some research to ensure they’re not dangerous to your new pet. PetMDOpens in new window outline a list of some of the most toxic plants.

Take Care of Everyday Household Items

Just like children, puppies need to be kept away from everyday household substances which could prove toxic to them. Chemicals, cleaning products and medicines should be stored out of reach – if that’s not possible, add child locks to lower press doors to keep your pup from harm.

Harmful Human Food

Some human foods may seem harmless but could prove fatal to your furry friend.  It’s vital to know what foods are toxic to dogs so you don’t unknowingly make them ill, or even worse, cause a fatality. Your best bet would be to avoid feeding them human food at all, but if the temptation proves too much, make sure you’re 100% sure it’s safe for your dog.  CanineJournal.comOpens in new window have put together a list of foods to be avoided and ones that are safe for your best friend to enjoy. Also, be sure to see this expert's advice on treating tummy upsets for your pet.

Cover Electrical Wires

Lots of puppies like to chew all and sundry while they are exploring their new world. Electrical wires can prove to be very tempting, but also very dangerous – they should be hidden behind furniture where possible or use cable ties or covers to keep them away from your pet. Sockets should also be covered when not in use.

Keep Windows and Doors Closed

While on their adventures puppies can get into or out of very small spaces so it’s important to make sure windows and external doors are closed at all times so they can’t fall out or make their great escape. Blind chords should also be secured to avoid getting wrapped around your puppy’s neck.

Don’t Leave Small Objects Within Reach

All small objects should be placed out of reach of your puppy. Anything they can reach is fair game in their little world. That includes your favourite pair of shoes, so if you want to keep them intact, make sure they’re safely hidden away from exploring mouths.