The Benefits of Western Pet Products Radio Dog Fence

The Benefits of Western Pet Products Radio Dog Fence

Jul 06, 2018

Western Pet Products

Ensuring the safety of our beloved dogs is a top priority for responsible pet owners. With Western Pet Products Radio Dog Fence, you can provide your dog with the freedom to roam within your property while keeping them protected from road hazards and the risks of wandering into unfamiliar territory. In this article, we will explore the immense benefits of the Radio Dog Fence system and how it contributes to responsible dog ownership.

  1. Teaching Boundaries and Safety: A Radio Dog Fence system is a safe and effective way to teach your dog boundaries. Over time, your dog will learn where they can stay and play within your property, understanding that certain areas, such as the road, pose danger. By containing your dog within the property, you eliminate the risks of car accidents and potential encounters with strangers.

  2. Freedom without Wandering: Dogs naturally enjoy exploring their surroundings. However, they may see it as an opportunity for adventure to wander into the greater neighborhood when you're away or at work. With a Radio Dog Fence system, your dog can have the freedom to roam within your property without the danger of getting lost or exposed to potential harm.

  3. Transitioning for Walks: When it's time to take your dog for a walk, it's recommended to remove the Radio Dog Fence collar and use their original collar. This helps them understand that leaving the property is now safe and allowed, allowing for an enjoyable and controlled walking experience.

  4. Protecting Livestock and Farming Community: Responsible dog ownership includes the responsibility to contain your dog to prevent harm to people and livestock. Instances of domestic dogs attacking sheep have become increasingly common, causing significant damage to the farming community and their income. Using a Radio Dog Fence system, in addition to following responsible dog ownership guidelines, can greatly reduce such incidents and protect both livestock and dog owners throughout Ireland.

  5. Additional Resources and Fast Delivery: To further support responsible dog ownership, here are some helpful resources such as downloadable documents from Laois County Council and Wake County in North Carolina. Stay informed and make well-informed decisions for the safety and well-being of your dog.

    Wake County in North Carolina also have a useful document that you can download here

    Ear to the ground also had an interesting piece on dog safety around farmland - you can watch it here

    Furthermore, orders received by 3.00pm are dispatched on the same day via DPD courier, ensuring fast delivery to your doorstep. 

    Orders will typically be delivered by the next working day, some delays may occur but please allow 2-3 days for delivery in times of increased workload on our couriers.

Western Pet Products Radio Dog Fence offers a responsible and safe solution for containing your dog within your property. Enjoy the benefits of teaching boundaries, protecting your dog from road dangers and animal theft, and contributing to responsible dog ownership. Explore the provided resources and take advantage of our fast dispatch and delivery service. Keep your dog safe, happy, and free within the boundaries you set.