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July 06, 2018

A Western Pet Products Radio Dog Fence is without doubt the most responsible and safe ways to keep your dog safe and within your property, the benefits of these type systems are immense  as over time your dog learns where they can stay and play and it will teach them that for instance the road is a dangerous place to try to go.

Unfortunately our dogs do not understand nor can we tell them of the danger on the road or of animal theft and your dog will see great fun and opportunity in having a wonder around the greater neighbourhood whilst your away or at work, with the use of a Radio Dog fence system your dog can have the freedom of your property without the danger of being exposed to cars on the road or of being picked up by unwanted strangers. 

When you decide to take your dog for a walk we recommend removing the radio dog fence collar and using the dog’s original collar so that your dog will learn that it is now safe to leave the property.

As part of responsible dog ownership  you must be able to contain your dog so that it does not cause any harm to any other people or livestock, unfortunately it is becoming more and more common that domestic dogs are attacking sheep on a regular basis whilst there owners are away at work, this is just entertainment for the dogs but causes significant damage to farming community and farming incomes, As was shown on Ear To The Ground earlier this year domestic dogs which were not  controlled with radio fence systems destroyed a significant amount of lambs and sheep in the Westmeath area leaving one farmer with a massive loss of income., the dogs that caused these attacks were domestic dogs which returned home that evening and would have acted placid and happy when they met their owners on their return from work.

Part of responsible dog ownership is detailed in this PDF download from Laois County Council and taking this advise on board and also using a radio dog fence system will bring far better results to livestock and dog owners throughout Ireland, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is reasonably contained at all times.

Other Useful Info

Wake County in North Carolina also have a useful document that you can download here

Ear to the ground also had an interesting piece on dog safety around farmland - you can watch it here.

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