• "Our six month old terrier was getting in the habit of heading straight out through the hedge and up to our neighbours chickens, now that the system is in place he associates the hedge with danger and is quiet happy to stay around the house even on the days I don't put the collar on him, the system has completely snapped him out of his bad habit."

    P Walsh
    Co. Mayo

  • "Does exactly what it says.....This product gives me peace of mind to leave our dog outside when leaving the house as I know she won't go out of entrance. Before this our dog had to be put in or tied up incase she worried the neighbors."

    A Brennan
    Co. Dublin

  • "Best online value around .....  Great Value product, works perfectly, I had a problem with collar not working right after few months, but when I contacted company, they were so obliging and replaced the collar within a few days of me contacting them. Excellent customer service and excellent value product."

    S Smith
    Co. Limerick

  • "Stopped in his tracks .... Solved our Houdini problem. Our dog is now completely snookered. He hears the sound from the collar and reverses away from the 'fence'. We never used to know where he would be, now we know exactly where he is. Where we put him!!! Excellent product and fantastic value."

    D Murphy
    Co. Carlow

  • "I highly recommend .... I can vouch for this system as we have a terrier who had a bad habit of visiting our neighbors chickens and running riot, since installing this kit he has stopped even trying to leave our property, i even let him out without the collar and he still wont go near our front gate anymore."

    F Nally
    Co. Galway

  • "Responsible ownership ..... Very impressed at the effectiveness of this kit, it has trained our dog in no time at all not to be going out on the road, we were so afraid of her getting harmed by a car as there have been a few near misses before we got this kit."

    D Gannon
    Co. Wicklow

  • "Simple and effective .... This actually was a great purchase. I read the reviews and was a little skeptical. We were very careful when installing the kit. We do have a fence, but our dog can jump it, so we chose to install this system. We actually did not bury all of it. We wire tied it to the top rail of out fence and buried it at every gate. We have had this system in place 2 months now and set it so it will go off at about three feet from the fence. The dog cannot get close enough to mess with it before she hears the warning beep and stops straight away. Now we can leave her lose in the back yard and she doesn't even try to get close to the fence even when the collar is off."

    M O'Malley