Product Description

The Western Pet Products GPS system is a new generation electric fence that use GPS positioning technology, designed to contain your dog safely and humanely in an open area.

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This product does not need Wifi or Wifi signal to work it is a standalone unit that does not need to be connected to internet and does not need a sim card as it connects itself automatically to satellites 

This item is for outdoor use only and comes with a 6 month warranty 

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–Adjustable radius from 30 meters to 1000 meters
–Covers an circular area from 0.7 acre to 775 acres
–Rechargeable and IP66 waterproof collar
–Beep/vibration/shock correction for choice
–The stimulation is limited to 3 times to prevent over-stimulation
–For all size dogs 

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How it works?
1.You need to identify a central point that will be the center of your dog’s play area.
2.Take the collar to the central point and turn it on,then it will automatically locate.
3.After positioning,set the radius of the play area,then put it on your dog.
4.When your dog gets to the boundary line,it will warn your dog.

We now supply the updated model which has memory function and larger battery capacity, once you set the radius once then this does not need to be repeated daily, We recommend resetting the radius at least once a month to keep the boundaries consistent


 Ideal for hilly sites with buildings or obstructions as the GPS works from satellite 


Important tips:
1.Slowley Train your dog for about 2 weeks to let him know how the system works
2. check on the collar to make sure that it has connected with a satellite
3 every week check the boundaries to make sure they are consistent and if they are not carry out the centering procedure again
4.Real-time positioning consumes power so it is best to charge every evening 
5. use precaution as the boundary will have a fuzzy region of 5-10 meters.

Product Features

  •  Use GPS location technique,more accurate and you can set the radius of play area of your dogs up to 1000 meters while its error is less than 5 meters, it corrects your dogs accurately and timely if they are out of bounds
  •  If your dog leaves the boundary zone, the stimulation is limited to 18 seconds and automatically shuts off for one minute before repeating stimulation for another two 18 seconds,your dog won’t be overstimulated.In the absence of GPS signals,it will automatically suspend work,so your dog won’t be warned if there is no GPS signals
  •  No transmitter, no remote control, all functions are integrated in the collar which is IP66 waterproof rating,easy to set up and works automatically.You can use it wherever there is a GPS signal ,such as courtyard,beach,riverside,campground,farm and park