SECOND GENERATION of GPS FENCES - With the incorporation of a more robust U-blox GPS chip, this Upgraded invisible dog fence utilizes advanced GPS signal boost capabilities, enhancing its performance in regions with weak signals. Enjoy superior stability and precise positioning. This makes it the go-to boundary containment system for those seeking unwavering reliability.

Super easy and quick set up with no wires, Simply turn on , Set the desired radius and start training 

IPX7 Waterproof

Longer lasting battery

Ublox GPS Chip made in Switzerland

12 Month warranty

Dispatched from our Galway warehouse with next day delivery by An Post

UK , European and international delivery available 

No subscription and no SIM card needed 

It has more functionality as in you can turn on and off each of the functions. Be it beep vibration or mild static correction and you can choose between 0 and 3 for the power settings.

 it's also portable. If you're going anywhere else and you want to bring the item, you can choose a new centre point and you can always bring it back home and reset it at your original Centre point.

There is also no subscription service. It's just a simple once-off payment when you purchase the item and that's it.

The only thing you need to bear in mind is that it has a minimum operating radius of 30 m. So if you have the centre point set at the middle of your back garden from this point your dog will be able to get 30 m in every direction and you can increase this up to 1,000 m but not below 30 m 

You can also reset the item and reset the center point to any different location you want on your property

AI INTELLIGENT SCENE RECOGNITION - The new  GPS wireless dog fence sets itself apart from other brands with its Intelligent Scene Recognition technology. This unique feature detects the usage environment, whether indoors or outdoors, eliminating false triggers and providing more accurate zone control. Say goodbye to false warnings and enjoy a seamless pet-containing experience.


SUITABLE USAGE ENVIRONMENT - Our dog collar is designed for adult medium to large breeds with outdoor areas and can cover a range of 30 meters to 1000 meters  allowing you to adjust the boundary size according to your needs. Please note that this perimeter fence for dogs is not suitable for small yards The system's GPS accuracy typically ranges about 1-2 meters, 


ADVANCED SAFETY FEATURES - When your pet ventures beyond the designated zone, the dog collar of the fence system is activated. As your pet approaches the boundary's edge, the collar emits progressively escalating tones, vibrations, and/or mild static correction across six intensity levels. After each sequence, there's a one-minute pause before it starts over. If your pet doesn't come back within the zone, the collar beeps continuously until their return. These cutting-edge safety features ensure unparalleled security for your pet and peace of mind for you.



SUITABLE FOR MEDIUM AND LARGE DOGS - Our GPS perimeter collar is specifically designed for medium and large breeds. Fit the collar to your dog's neck and cut the excess strap. It provides a perfect fit for dogs with a neck size from 9 to 23in.



CAREFREE AFTER-SALES SERVICE - Your satisfaction is our priority. The new GPS electric dog fence includes a 12 month  warranty. For any questions or concerns, our after-sales team is always ready to help. Trust in our timely and dependable support for a seamless experience with our product.


  • Powerful New Chip: Equipped with an upgraded chip from U-BLOX in Switzerland, the F8 GPS dog fence offers superior signal boost capabilities and precise positioning for reliable boundary containment.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Progressive tones, vibration, and shock in 6 levels provide maximum security, ensuring your dog stays within the designated area.
  • Stable and Precise: Experience greater accuracy and reliability with stable GPS positioning, even in low signal areas.
  • Wide Coverage: Covering a range between 30 Meters and 1000 Meters, you can adjust the boundary size to suit your outdoor space.
  • Outdoor Use: Designed for medium and large dogs and outdoor environments, this dog fence is perfect for open areas.
  • Not Suitable for Small Yards: Please note, this wireless pet fence is not recommended for small yards or indoor use.
  • GPS Accuracy: With a typical range of 1-2 yards, the GPS accuracy ensures precise boundary control, but may decrease in dense wooded areas.