Training your dog out bad behavior

November 03, 2022

Training your dog out bad behavior
If your dog is behaving badly or has a repetitive habit of what you would consider misbehaving but your dog is treating it as fun than we would have a solution in our remote training collar system
The Remote training collar system has been usually successful over the last number of years for us at Western Pet Products, your dog wears a receiver collar and you will have a remote that you can operate three functions which are a beeping noise, a vibration, and a static shock.
All of these functions have different levels that you can choose from
and as you will see from the reviews many of our customers can train their dogs quite successfully using only the beep and vibration
This system is ideal if your dog for instance is digging holes in your garden or your flower patch or if your dog has bad behavior while you are bringing them for a walk
You can also use the beep function to train your dog to come back to you so that every time you operate the beep you give your dog a nice treat and your dog will always learn to come back to your side on hearing this beep
We have also been supplying the system to many of the sheepdog owners around Ireland as this allows them to correct bad behavior from a long distance away.