Choosing the Right Pet Containment System: Wireless Kit vs. Wired Kit

Choosing the Right Pet Containment System: Wireless Kit vs. Wired Kit

May 10, 2023

Western Pet Products

Keeping our beloved pets safe and secure within our properties is a top priority for any pet owner. When it comes to pet containment systems, Western Pet Products offers two distinct options: the wireless kit (KD661C) and the wired kits (W227 & 023). In this article, we will explore the features and suitability of each system to help you make an informed decision for your specific needs.

Wired Kit: Suitable for All Sites, Large or Small The wired kit is a versatile solution that is suitable for all types of sites, whether small or large. With the wired system, you have the ability to create a specific boundary, ensuring your pet stays within the designated area. This makes it an ideal choice for residential properties or any location where precise boundaries need to be maintained.

Wireless Kit: Ideal for Very Large Areas with a Non-Specific Boundary On the other hand, the wireless kit is specifically designed for expansive areas with a non-specific boundary. It is particularly useful for farm owners who do not mind their dogs venturing into neighboring fields as long as they remain within the general vicinity of the house. This system offers convenience and flexibility in such scenarios.

Wireless Kit Range: 50 Meters to 500 Meters The wireless kit operates by broadcasting a signal in a circular pattern from a base transmitter. At its minimum setting, the wireless system covers a distance of 50 meters in all directions. This range increases to a maximum of 500 meters, providing ample coverage for large properties. It's important to note that the wireless system's distance can vary by 5 meters from day to day, making the boundary non-specific.

Wired Kit: Precise Boundary Control Unlike the wireless kit, the wired system offers a more precise boundary control. By placing the wire along the desired boundary, you can ensure that your pet stays within the defined area. This makes it a great choice for pet owners who require strict containment and want to prevent their pets from accessing certain areas, such as gardens or swimming pools.

When it comes to selecting a pet containment system, Western Pet Products offers both wired and wireless kits to suit different needs. The wired kit provides boundary-specific control and is suitable for all types of sites, while the wireless kit is designed for larger areas with a non-specific boundary. Consider the size of your property, your containment requirements, and the freedom you want to give your pet when making a decision. With the right system in place, you can ensure the safety and well-being of your furry friends while giving them the freedom to explore within designated boundaries.