Wired v Wireless dog fence kits

August 13, 2018

Here is a brief description of the wireless kit ( KD661C) v the wired kit (W227 & 023), The wired kit is suitable for all sites small and large, but you need a large site for the wireless one.
The wireless kit is a different type kit and is only suitable for very large areas with a non specific boundary, really they are for use on farms where the owner does not mind the dog getting into the fields next door as long as the dog stays in the general area of the house.
The wireless system works at a minimum setting of 50 meters, so the distance from the base transmitter at the minimum setting is 50 meters in all directions as the system broadcasts in a circle , the maximum setting is 500 meters in all directions. 
The wireless system distance can very by 5 meters from day to day so the boundary is non specific, the wired system  is boundary specific so where you have the wire on the boundary thats where the dog stops.