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Dog Containment without a perimeter wire

Dog Containment without a perimeter wire

Western Pet Products |

Western Pet Products would have two types of systems that will operate for you without the need for a wire around your area and the first one is the GPS F8 which is for a large area and it would have a minimum operating radius of 30 meters but you can always expand this all the way up to 500 metres but not below 30 meters radius 
This means that if you picked a centre point in the middle of your back lawn and set the item to the minimum setting, your dog would get 30 m in every direction. Please see the next link and this is a hugely successful and reliable product that we have in stock in our Galway Warehouse 
The next system that I would have that would be Wireless would be the small area wireless system and this has a plug-in base transmitter which broadcasts the signal outwards and the maximum radius on this is about 35 m 
This means that wherever you have the base unit plugged in, let's say your kitchen window. Then if you had it set to the maximum setting your dog would get about 35 m in every direction from the base unit and you can turn this down