The new GPS F8 System from Western Pet Products

Apr 08, 2024

Western Pet Products

We do have a fantastic new GPS system in stock, no wires around your perimeter, easy to use and setup and has memory function so when you set the item it remembers the settings even after charging and powering on and off 
The standard GPS system on the website has a 6-month warranty 169.95 
and the new GPS system F8 has a 1-year warranty 239.95
There is some further information next and the links will be attached below
New system is the F8 system
the new GPS system is by far the best GPS system on the market at the minute.
The new system has a 1-year warranty instead of the older model with a 6-month warranty. 
The new system has a longer battery life.
The new system is IPX7 waterproof which is a very very high rating and is higher than the older model GPS system we have
The new F8 system has a European built circuit board and chip from U-blox in Switzerland which has proven to be very precise and extremely reliable, we have supplied over 250 of these with no failures or returns 
It has more functionality as in you can turn on and off each of the functions. Be it beep vibration or mild static correction and you can choose between 0 and 3 for the power settings.
 it's also portable. If you're going anywhere else and you want to bring the item, you can choose a new center point and you can always bring it back home and reset it at your original Center point.
There is also no subscription service. It's just a simple once-off payment when you purchase the item and that's it.
The only thing you need to bear in mind is that it has a minimum operating radius of 30 m. So if you have the center point set at the middle of your back garden from this point your dog will be able to get 30 m in every direction and you can increase this up to 1,000 m but not below 30 m 
You can also reset the item and reset the center point to any different location you want on your property
New F8 System 
Old GPS System